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WimTool (WIM tool) V1.30.2011.501 Green Edition
Type:Free Authorize:Software Language:English Size:526 KB Version:zip System:Win7/Vista/Win2003/WinXP Download Grade:★★★★☆ Release Time:2013-08-06 Downloads:9598 Add
WimTool (WIM tool) V1.30.2011.501 Green Edition Description

  WimTool is not a Imagex GUI, can be used independently from Imagex. WimTool can provide general users of the most commonly used functions of WIM file format, such as image file, mount the image, unlock the Wim image to disk directory and add new image rolls to an existing Wim file. In WimTool, the operation of Wim file processing, user interface elements to display considerable information, on the most common document processing Wim failure occurs, the WimTool will provide a description of the failure. WimTool use tabbed interface design, each page provides the necessary instructions, request and the matters needing attention. First-time users please read the instructions page.

WimTool function introduction:
1, support the production of different types of image file compression. In the production of new image file, the user can give new mapping mapping volume specified volume name and reflect the volume descriptor, plus the start mark, at the same time, the user can specify the type of compression in WimTool.
2, add a new mapping files to support the existing image volumes, and the name and specify a new mapping volume descriptor, plus start. The existing image file to add a new image volumes, WimTool will automatically detect the original image file compression type, and the image of new volume matching.
3, supportmount and unloading Wim. Using WimTool to mount the Wim file, the user can choose the specified image file and mount directory, but also to specify mount mode (can be written or read only).
4, support to hard disk (application) unlock Wim file specified image volumes, including untied segmentation. WimTool unlock the Wim file will automatically detect the user specified Wim is a partition packet, and other package series also unlock to the specified directory.
5, WimTool supports large volume Wim single file and specify the size of the partition, subcontract documents supports both WimTool to support Imagex.
6, supported in a Wim file image volumes into another Wim file. Import the image volume target Wim file supports both Imagex operation, WimTool operation is also supported, such as Mount, unlock.
7, theremoved from an existing Wim file support existing image volume.
The basic8, support the view the Wim file attributes and detailed information, such as name mapping, mapping volume descriptor, volume compression type, volume number, whether the image segmentation package.
9,support list all the Wim mapping and mount directory, mount mode.
10, WimTool supports Wim image modify existing files in a mirrored volume name and description, and add the start.
The common11, support Mount, MountRW, UnMount, Apply, Capture and Append six command line parameters and their.
12,program directly supports WIM image file associated with the WimTool, and create a right-click menu, easy to mount or open the WIM image.
13,support list image file directory /DIR, this function is equivalent to the ImageX parameter, can be in PE system.
14, supported by the configuration file defines capture image or unlock image. Compatible with the WimTool configuration file and ImageX. In WimTool built a default configuration file, the same default configuration file the configuration files and ImageX.
15,in the graphics window interface, WimTool image, image, image, unlock the derived column directory process to provide user abort operation.
16, register the WIM file correlations can double-click the WIM file to open the WIM image programs or boot to WimTool graphics.
17, support the right mouse button menu extensions rapid deployment of WIM image file and the rapid production of WIM image file, the two operation treatment.

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WimTool (WIM tool) V1.30.2011.501 Green Edition
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